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29 May 2007 @ 11:22 am
Challenge #9  
Okay a little late but here you go

Will get the results up for challenge #8 before the end of the week. Getting Challenge #9 ready took more time than I thought.

Anyway - this is how Challenge #9 will work.

Opens: Now
Closes: June 4th, 2007 @ 8pm CST

You do NOT have to stick to your team's characters for this challenge. Please be sure to still tag your fic for the team you are writing for.

Take a look at the list behind the cut. These are the prompts that are available for this challenge. Only one person may write each one, so when you see one you like, comment that you want it. Don't start writing until I respond back that you have it, at which time I'll strike it from the list. Once you complete one, you can request a second.

Unless otherwise noted with a (P) or marked as rated NC17, you don't have to write the characters listed as being in a relationship.

Unless the rating is marked as "any", you must write the rating given. Don't choose a NC17 prompt if you can't write NC17, please.

The prompts can be found here:

Okay now personally I have a problem with this challenge because in order to participate you have to wait for it to be approved and my schedule is crazy and I can only write at certain times in the day and I haven't been approved then nothing will get written. I prefer the give us a prompt and he can think it out and work it our own way.

With that said there are some good prompts and hury on over if you haven't claimed one yet before all the good ones go.

Let me know what you choose and what your ideas are.
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