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05 June 2007 @ 10:49 am
Challenge 9 EXTENDED  
Directly from spn_btvs

I tried posting this for most of the day yesterday and couldn't because of LJ's issues.

In light of all of the problems that have been happening with LJ (not being able to post, comment, etc) - Challenge #9 will remain in effect until 06/11/2007.

So - keep working on that prompt list.

Just a note - someone asked me if people would get penalized for having other characters (besides those in the prompt) in the fic. We have never said that you can't use other characters in your fic. All that the prompt is saying is that you must use those TWO (or THREE) characters as the main plot point of your fic. Got it?

So you know what this means people, we have another week. I don't know if we need to do anymore because you guys really did a great job and we seemed to come together this challenge, currently we are at 14 fics.

With that said I plan on doing as many as I can and I encourage everyone else to pick up atleast one more prompt, if you're having problems choosing or have already picked on and don't know what to write drop a line here and we can see what we can do as a team. Personally I have no problem coming up with thousands of ideas and my brain is always opened to be picked.

Once again GREAT JOB everyone and for this next week just do what you can.
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